Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are considering replacing the windows in your home:

Can I install the windows myself or have my own contractor install them?

Just because you can, does it mean that you should? It doesn’t seem that hard, right? Unfortunately, the best window installed incorrectly is a bad window. Proper window replacement requires an understanding of how the window was originally installed, how to properly measure and how to deal with installation issues that aren’t apparent at first glance. Restorations certified installers know how the product works and how it should be installed.

Do you need insulation in the frames of your windows?

Insulation is measured in R values, typically the higher the better. Restorations window frames insulate almost seven times as good as wood, aluminum or other non-insulated vinyl window frames, and twice as good as vinyl frames insulated with Styrofoam. Why? Because Restorations insulates with polyurethane, the same material found in your freezer door and those premium coolers that you hear about.”

How are windows constructed?

Most windows are either screwed together at the corners, glued together, or a combination of both. This can lead to massive moisture and air leakage issue. Restorations window corners are welded together with a process that uses heat to fuse the two pieces together, guaranteeing a strong airtight and watertight seal.

Do the windows have energy-efficient glass, which will help to reduce the transfer of heat and cold?

The most efficient glass packages today go beyond the original purpose of Low-E (low absorption of heat) and, like the mirrors in your home, reflect heat back at its source. This keeps the inside of your home warm in the winter, and keeps the sun’s heat outside in the summer. Restorations exclusive Omega 12 glass package is the highest performing Low-E, coated with 12 layers of heat reflecting metallic shields.

Are the windows ENERGY STAR®?

The department rates products for four different geographical regions. The ENERGY STAR program for the United States divides the nation into four separate climate zones – Northern, North-Central, South-Central, and Southern.

What does the warranty cover and how long does it last?

Windows offer a wide range of warranties. Some offer the warranty for 5 years, many windows are warranted for 10 years, and others offer a lifetime warranty, maybe pro-rated after a few years. Restorations Windows’ warranty is a lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranty. If any part of your window ever breaks or fails, it’s covered!

Replacement windows built by today’s standards can pay for themselves by the amount of savings in heating and cooling costs of a home. They also offer a homeowner many different options, such as different types of glass, colors of frames, and many different styles of windows.


A Reputation Built on Honesty and Integrity

I have completed two out of a three year window replacement project on my house. I opted for Restorations windows based on positive reviews online. All I can say is those reviews were 100% correct. These are very high-quality windows.
Installed 30 Restorations replacement windows and 2 sliding glass doors in Raleigh,NC. No more drafts and lower hvac costs . Real quality. Check with experts who engineer glass, like I did. They look great and visitors actually notice and comment.
Just had Sunrise Restorations double-hung windows installed in our home after extensive research. Sunrise has the best warranty in the business (lifetime, non-prorated), these windows are highly efficient (check their website for details), the windows look great, and there are lots of color options. Sunrise Restorations windows belong near or at the top of any list of high-quality replacement windows. Highly recommended.

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