Our Industry Ratings

Whole Window R-Factor

Increasing a window’s R-value from R-3 to R-6 reduces average heat loss by 30 - 50%

R-2 Vinyl Double Hung Clear Insulated Glass
R-2 Wood Double Hung Clear Insulated Glass
R-4 Restorations® Double Hung Omega 12 or Ultra U Plus
R-5 Restorations® Double Hung AR90
R-6 Restorations® Double Hung KR90

R-Factor — Frame Materials (per lineal inch)

The higher the R-Factor, the better the insulating value.

<0.10 Aluminum Windows
0.75 Multi-Chamber PVC Windows
1.25 Wood Windows
3.57 Foam-Filled PVC Windows
7.14 Restorations® Windows With Ultracore©

Blockage of Harmful Rays

Glass systems with a higher percentage of UV blockage offer greater protection against fading of fine furniture and fabrics.

Vinyl Double Hung Clear Insulated Glass 7%
Vinyl Double Hung Clear Insulated Glass 20%
Vinyl Double Hung Clear Insulated Glass 21%
Vinyl Double Hung Clear Insulated Glass 38%
Restorations® Double Hung Ultra U Plus 85%
Restorations® Double Hung Omega 12, AR90, or KR90 95%

Accelerated Weather Test

This chart shows the longevity of different types of insulated glass systems when tested under accelerated weathering conditions by an independent laboratory.


Timeless Design Meets Modern Technology

Our Windows Are Crafted From the Industry’s Most Advanced Components

  • Unmatched Strength

    FiberCore™ structural technology makes Restorations® windows the most durable on the market.
  • Incredibly Insulating

    UltraCore® polyurethane insulated frames have technology that’s comparable to the insulation found in freezer doors, helping to keep your home comfortable no matter the outdoor temperature.
  • The Ultimate Weather Protection

    The SecureSeal™ meeting rail system has a continuous fiberglass core with insulation fills and a triple-weatherstripping barrier to deliver industry-leading performance.
  • Seals Away Drafts

    DraftBlock™ weatherstripping combines three layers of high-performance weatherstripping with a center double fin to ensure long-lasting resistance to air infiltration.
  • Thoroughly Protected

    Every component of our replacement windows, as well as installation, is protected by our SureCare Comprehensive Care Package.

Design Your View

Restorations® visualizer tool allows you to preview your exterior and interior window options so that you can create a look that you truly love.

A Reputation Built on Honesty and Integrity

I have completed two out of a three year window replacement project on my house. I opted for Restorations windows based on positive reviews online. All I can say is those reviews were 100% correct. These are very high-quality windows.
Installed 30 Restorations replacement windows and 2 sliding glass doors in Raleigh,NC. No more drafts and lower hvac costs . Real quality. Check with experts who engineer glass, like I did. They look great and visitors actually notice and comment.
Just had Sunrise Restorations double-hung windows installed in our home after extensive research. Sunrise has the best warranty in the business (lifetime, non-prorated), these windows are highly efficient (check their website for details), the windows look great, and there are lots of color options. Sunrise Restorations windows belong near or at the top of any list of high-quality replacement windows. Highly recommended.

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