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We Take Vinyl Beyond Basic

Vinyl replacement windows are known for having two traits: great energy efficiency and uninspired design. As much as people want efficient windows, no one wants to look at ugly, bulky windows for 30 years. Including us.

At Restorations, we believe no one should have to choose between “pretty” and “performance”. That’s why we have gone beyond basic. Our windows incorporate special design elements that emulate the sophisticated styling of wood windows, with dozens of decorative options, and all the elements necessary to deliver maximum efficiency. Superior form and function. The best of both worlds.

  • Beauty You Can Customize

    For many people, wood windows are the only way to go from a beauty standpoint. Restorations Windows give you the beauty that you demand while also giving you the performance characteristics that are a must. And, unlike wood windows, Restorations Windows offer so many customizations that you can rest assured that your project will reflect your unique personality.
  • Comfort for Where You Live

    Some window companies talk strictly about numbers, while Restorations is about comfort. Superior strength, security, thermal efficiency and a virtually airtight window product guarantees your comfort day in and day out.
  • Craftsmanship That Lasts A Lifetime

    Fine beauty and exceptional performance are worthless if they don’t last. With the most ironclad warranty in the business, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your Restorations Windows will be elegant and efficient for the long term.

We Feel Your Pain

No homeowner should have to make the choice between a beautiful window and one with superior performance. As an award-winning manufacturer, Restorations Windows have been designed to be the best looking, best performing windows and patio doors in the marketplace. With thousands of satisfied homeowners, you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what homeowners think below.

  • Crafted To Make Your Home Look Its Best

    Designed with the beauty of American architecture in mind, Restorations Windows allow you to benefit from today’s technology without compromising the elegance you desire.
  • Constructed To Keep You Comfortable

    With the best available glass options, the best frame insulating technology, and construction techniques designed to make your window and patio doors as airtight as possible, Restorations Windows consistently provide a cozy and relaxed home environment.
  • Engineered To Last

    Shouldn’t your new windows last as long as your castle? Restorations sureCare warranty guarantees you’ll never have to replace your windows for as long as you live in your home.

Explore Windows & Patio Doors


Double Hung

A Timeless Window Redesigned

Even classics deserve an upgrade from time to time. Restorations® double hung windows have a sleek frame design and are rich with energy-efficient features, providing beauty without compromise.


Single Hung

Classic Appeal. Enhanced Performance.

Restorations® single hung windows provide the elegant look you love along with advanced features designed to ensure superior thermal performance and durability.



A Practical Choice Never Looked So Good

Casement windows are prized for providing excellent energy efficiency and ventilation. Restorations® preserves these benefits while enhancing the frame design to provide a sleeker look and better views of the outdoors.



Enhanced in Every Way

Industry-leading energy efficiency. Exceptional durability. Unobstructed views. Our awning windows deliver in every area that matters to you.


Bay & Bow

For the Special Spaces in Your Home

Our bay and bow windows provide expansive views and are reinforced to provide a level of reliability and performance that’s hard to find with large-format replacement windows.



Beauty Meets Functionality

Our garden windows help flood your home with natural light while providing you with a space where you can grow plants throughout the year.


Geometric Shaped

Get Creative with Your Windows

Our specialty shaped windows enable you to create a unique aesthetic without compromising on energy efficiency or durability.


Projected Frame

Windows that Stand Out

Projected frame windows are perfect for enhancing the interior design of your home, providing you with a sun-soaked space to display treasured items and decorations.



An Upgrade to Traditional

Restorations® has improved on everything you love about sliding windows. They are easier to use, more energy efficient, and provide a wide viewing area.


Patio Doors

Doors that Make a Statement

Your patio doors are essentially your home’s largest and most-used windows. Restorations® designs our sliding doors to be the most beautiful, functional, and energy efficient on the market.

Design Your View

Restorations® visualizer tool allows you to preview your exterior and interior window options so that you can create a look that you truly love.

A Reputation Built on Honesty and Integrity

I have completed two out of a three year window replacement project on my house. I opted for Restorations windows based on positive reviews online. All I can say is those reviews were 100% correct. These are very high-quality windows.
Installed 30 Restorations replacement windows and 2 sliding glass doors in Raleigh,NC. No more drafts and lower hvac costs . Real quality. Check with experts who engineer glass, like I did. They look great and visitors actually notice and comment.
Just had Sunrise Restorations double-hung windows installed in our home after extensive research. Sunrise has the best warranty in the business (lifetime, non-prorated), these windows are highly efficient (check their website for details), the windows look great, and there are lots of color options. Sunrise Restorations windows belong near or at the top of any list of high-quality replacement windows. Highly recommended.

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